Technology demonstration

In addition to the competition's flight sessions, two Technology Demonstration sessions (indoor and outdoor) will allow for an entrant to come and demonstrate some new, novel, cutting-edge technology as applied to micro air vehicles. This technology can include, but is certainly not limited to, the following: autonomously controlled flapping wing flight, advanced aerodynamic configurations, bio-mimetically inspired technology, unconventional materials, advanced power source, innovative embedded sensors and/or avionics.

Nano Air Vehicle Flight Session

During the indoor flight demonstration a number of incredibly small flying vehicles will be displayed during a special "Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) flight session" where different MAV records will be attempted, such as :
  • The smallest radio controlled helicopter in the world: A 70-mm, 1-gram RC helicopter will be flown by Petter Muren from Norway.

    1g Helicopter

  • The smallest radio controlled ornithopter in the world: A first flight will be proposed by Bill Silin and Sergey Shkarayev on the basis of the ornithopter flight mission defined by the Annual International MAV competition in the US. The ornithopter mission consists of flying at least one complete lap around two, 12 m apart pylons with flight duration of at least 1 min. The size of ornithopter is defined as the largest distance between any two points of ornithopter. Flexible antenna is excluded.
  • A 1-gram, 100-mm ornithopter will also be flown by Petter Muren from Norway.

    1g Ornithopter

  • The smallest radio controlled quadrotor in the world: The MicroX4 proposed by Jean-Claude Pesce, France.

    Micro X4